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OPTIMA7 biogasBiogas handheld unit

  • Multigas analyzer, designed for Biogas-measurements as well as engine flue gas
  • With unique multipurpose probe*: simultaneous gas sampling and flow Monitoring possible
  • Compatible with new MRU App "MRU4u" *

* Option
** Requires option "Bluetooth"

App: MRU4uBluetoothUSBIrDA

·         Intuitive menu guided software with F-keys
·         Modern, slim housing with fixing magnets
·         brilliant, 3,5" TFT color display, integrated condensate trap with PTFE-filter element and illumination
·         SD card reader with data memory
·         USB interface for data transfer to PC as well as battery charging
·         Robust, stainless steel hose connectors
·         Integrated lithium-ion battery for min. 15 hours of continuous operation

Technical Data

Measuring range
CO 0…100% (electrochemical)
CO2 0…100% (infrared NDIR)
O2 0…21% (electrochemical)
NO 0…1000(option)ppm (electrochemical)
NO2 0…200(option)ppm (electrochemical)
H2S 0…2000(option)ppm (electrochemical)
CH4 0…100% (infrared NDIR)
Measuring Range 1 -100mbar…+200mbar
Dimensions and other data
PC-interface Mini-USB
Gas Conditioning Large Capacity Condensate Trap
Housing Fiberglass Reinforced Material
Operating Temperature +5…+45°C
Power Supply Lithium-ion Battery or Wall-plug 100…240VAC
Battery Capacity 15 hours of continuous operation
Weight Approx. 750g
Dimensions 110 x 225 x 52mm (W x H x D)

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